Adding a profit-making blog to an existing website for a designer

Hi All!

I think the subject line says it all.

I am keen to hear if anyone has done this to their own website. I am an architectural designer and have been (in my view) very successful in that career. I have been doing my own work outside of the company (day job) that I am working for, and I am keen on some expansion and more profit from it.

Blogging may be a saturated market right now, but I think the subject area I am looking to talk about online is one I can have full authority on based on my 8+ years of experience in the industry.

Has anyone done this here? Have an existing website for another purpose and successfully incorporated a profitable blog into it? Or would it be best to separate them?

NOTE: Profitable for me is building up the blog to a $1K+ net profit every month. The timeline is 5 years to get to that. I only started blogging via Medium back in Jan 2022.

Thanks in advance to all who are keen to make an effort to shed/share insight into this endeavour!

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