Ad Astra Blockchain Review | Ad Astra Project Review | Solana NFT

Ad Astra Blockchain Review | Ad Astra Project Review | Solana NFT

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Welcome to our Ad Astra Blockchain Review Video!

Additionally, health and wellness content creators don’t currently have a viable way to engage with their audience. Dedicated health and wellness platforms largely offer proprietary and siloed solutions. Existing health and wellness platforms ironically fail to capture the long tail of health and wellness market professionals, intrinsically limiting their applicability to a general audience.

An inclusive, open application for health and wellness content creators, professionals, and their communities allows for customizable experiences for subjective health and wellness journeys.

Ad Astra offers a turn-key health and wellness platform powered by blockchain technology. The incentivized nature of the network allows users, initial investors and future holders to benefit from having equitable ownership over the platform itself, sharing in revenue, and engaging with various communities according to their preferences.

Content creators benefit from directly engaging with incentivized users, allowing them to make more data-driven business decisions. This engaging process successfully facilitates an engagement loop for users, allowing them to undertake their wellness journey in confidence.

The Ad Astra Solution
The Ad Astra Network consists of 2 main sections. First there is the App. This is where users are able to access their meditation content and Journal section. Content creators upload their content through a web panel, and once it has passed approval, it will be available for users to access.
The second part is the blockchain part. This includes 5,000 NFTs, which are to be distributed to the public. Users who hold the NFT are to receive monthly passive income, which comes from 23% of the company revenue.

Ad Astra App
With the Ad Astra App, users can engage dynamically with health and wellness content. In short, Ad Astra provides a combo of content creation and user freedom.
The Ad Astra app has 3 main sections: Meditation, Sleeping and the Journal. The meditation section offers a wide range of categories of mediation audio tracks, in the format of a solo mediations and mediation courses. The sleeping section offers audio tracks to aid the user in getting a good nights sleep. The final section, the Journal, features a workbook like format, with different categories, with include questions which are aimed at aiding the user to grow.
To get started on Ad Astra, users begin their health and wellness journey by creating a customer profile. We require basic information regarding your goals and where they stand in your journey. Also, we enable algorithmic recommendations regarding content, tools, and resources that can help every user along their journey.


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