Actual passive income?

I’m 18, a college student, I live with super controlling parents who won’t let me get a job, and I have ADD (inattentive type ADHD if you want to be technical) which makes it incredibly hard to devote my energy to much else beyond school. So I’m in a really, really tough spot.

As soon as I got access to my own bank account, which was soon after I turned 18, I invested $130 in stocks on Robinhood (there’s about $400 left). That’s more for longterm though; I need a passive source of income that I can use hopefully to get out of this house sometime in the next year.

(Next bit is kind of a rant/sob story so if you want to skip to commenting, feel free)

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And I swear, this isn’t me being selfish or (overly) rebellious, I literally won’t be able to start functioning like a normal member of society until I get out of my parent’s grip and I’m on my own two feet. I’ve spoken to adults and people my age alike, and they’re stunned at how oblivious I am to how the real world works. If I go along with my parent’s plan, I’m destined to be financially dependent on them for the next two or more years, and then fall flat on my face the moment I try to do anything my myself, only to be made painfully aware that I don’t have any personal finance skills. To be fair I’m a quick learner, but I won’t be able to really learn about finances if I have no finances of my own to work with.

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