A years worth of Redbubble experience

I decided to finally sit down and start making my own ebook of sorts that I hope really benefits those stuck in the zerosales redbubble club and need some beer money. If any experienced ebook writers have some advice I’d love to hear it, but here’s my idea summed up.

I’ve spent just over a year on Redbubble. After about 9 months of unnecessary hard work, grinding designs, etc I was still with minimal success and few sales.

I started experimenting with multiple design strategies, promoting, just everything I could manipulate and measure I tried. I looked to successful sellers, YouTube ‘guides’, and everything in between. Eventually I found a novel approach that, so far, is working very well.

Clickbank Promo Tools

It’s definitely not the “passive income” approach most people who try to make Redbubble guides put out. And I think that’s why there’s endless amounts of people on Facebook groups asking why their art isn’t selling even after they followed some guy on YouTube’s “guaranteed 1000 dollars a month Redbubble guide”. It takes effort but what I did I’m confident anyone could do. The book would be a years worth of research, experimenting, and results all summed up. Eventually I think Redbubble can become a passive source of income but it takes work to get there.

From October 1st until now I’ve generated about 100 sales compared to 3 sales total in the 9 months prior. It is not an absurd amount of work, but it does require some.My goal is to make it a great investment for those wanting a little more beermoney from redbubble.

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