A side hustle I’ve recently come across making a small income from watching ads. Take a look.

Ladies and gents, stay with me on this one. This opportunity just fell onto my lap after investing in several successful and unsuccessful crypto projects over the last few years. I was very fortunate enough to make a decent profit in the last bull run as I overcame any greed I had and sold my 0.6BTC at the peak. This allowed me to pay my house deposit and furnish the house, so a great result all round.

Since then, I’ve stayed away from crypto and shares as I needed a break and it can be exhausting…

Anyways, my pals and I have a crypto group which has been pretty quiet for a while, but all of a sudden it’s going crazy again.

We came across this new app called ViDiLOOK where you essentially watch advertisements throughout the day, but actually get paid to do it. When my mates told me this, I thought this is another Ponzi scheme but I’ve actually made $1500 in 33 days and all the money I make now is cash in the bank… Around $46 a day which is a nice amount.

All you have to do it:
Download ViDiLOOK app
join with code: BLJE5E
Select a package and watch ads daily

Then if you do invest, let me know what package you’re going for before you do. Just DM me so I can help, or just comment on the post.

On a daily basis you watch about 5 mins worth of ads (you can leave them to auto play) or you swipe through them until you’ve collected your daily coin. Essentially you get paid in the native VDL daily crypto which you can convert back to USDT.

Just to be totally transparent, I get a slightly joining fee when you sign up, but that’s not why I’m posting this. I know times are hard and any extra cash is valuable right now. You really don’t have to sign up if you’re not bothered, I just thought I’d share something that’s making me good money right now. It’s totally up to you.

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