A screener to help you find the best bonds for passive income

Hey all, I built this tool for retail investors that allows you to search a huge universe of bonds: [https://terrapinfinance.com/screener](https://terrapinfinance.com/screener).

Although individual bonds tend to be ignored, some high-quality bonds with high coupons can be very useful for generating passive income. E.g. see this Lloyds bond with a 9.625% coupon: [https://terrapinfinance.com/XS0043098127](https://terrapinfinance.com/XS0043098127).

I thought this sub would find this interesting, as the tools out there for search bonds aren’t particularly good, and I think this is part of the reason why they aren’t more widely used.

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Any feedback is welcome of course :).

P.S: I used a “Stocks/IRA” flair because it’s the closest to Bonds that is available.

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