A question from a teacher: How to sell digital teaching aids to avoid losing money?


I’m a teacher and as long as I remember I’ve been creating my own teaching aids. My students like them, as well as my fellow teachers, so I thought I could start selling them. But there is a problem I can’t stop thinking about.

It concerns online teaching aids which can be shared via a link. So, let’s imagine I created an online teaching aid, I sold it for one dollar, I generated a link and sent it to my buyer, who’s probably another teacher. How do I prevent this person from sharing my work (i.e. the link) with hundreds of other teachers for free? Is there a way to connect the link to the buyer’s IP? I have the same concerns about selling pdfs. How do I approach this problem?

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Or should I stop whining, try to sell something and just come to terms with the fact that some things in life cannot be changed. 🙂

Any comments will be appreciated!

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