8 Best eBook Affiliate Programs In 2022

Ever wished you could earn money online by recommending your favorite books? Ebook affiliate programs can turn your dreams into reality.

There’s no shortage of cash in the eBook niche. Statista’s Digital Market Outlook predicts that worldwide eBook sales will reach almost $19 billion in 2026…

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ebook market revenue
E-book market revenue worldwide 2017-2026

…while a separate report estimates that sales of e-readers will surpass $23 billion by that same year.

(FYI, eBooks are also spelled e-books and ebooks. We didn’t want to alienate anyone, so we’ll use the three spellings interchangeably throughout this article.)

According to Pew Research Center, one in three Americans read at least one e-book in 2021, up from just one in six…

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