5 Skills To Master For Landing Your Dream Remote Job

Do you yearn for an intellectually stimulating job without the over-stimulation of life in the US, SA and around the world?

Have you had a taste of working from home and are ready to trade in your suit and office commute for pajamas and Zoom meetings?

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There are so many reasons why remote work can be a transformative experience for employees and employers alike: from increased productivity and flexibility in where you live to more time with loved ones.

Yet, with all those benefits comes new challenges to overcome. New ways of communicating, new technologies, and distributed time-zones to name a few. While organizations learn how to manage remote work policies, people looking to go remote need to focus on standout skills to get noticed in a global applicant pool.

So what skills should you focus on to stand-out and land that dream remote job?


Basic understanding of technology is the new barrier to entry for remote working even if you do not have a tech-focused job. Everyone is tired of one of the top questions of 2020 “Can you hear me now?” when logged on Zoom, or having to even explain what Zoom is to begin with.

To execute work effectively in a remote environment you need to feel comfortable using the appropriate tools.

How can I improve?

Common tools to get familiar within the remote landscape include Zoom, Slack, Notion, and Asana. Choose a few favorites and start moving your personal life into these tools. For example, you can create an Asana to manage your To-Do Lists and use Slack to connect with friends and family. Remember practice can go a long way when getting comfortable with new technology.

If things like 2FA and VPN are gibberish to you, brush up on your knowledge of privacy and security online. Creating strong passwords and downloading a password manager is a great starting point.

How can I show this skill off?

Add the tools you are most comfortable using to your LinkedIn profile and CV. Consider sharing your work in a public Notion, acting as a portfolio of your accomplishments. Ask about the tools and tech stack at the companies you are interviewing for.


Without the chance of running into your colleague at the coffee machine, or the subtleties of decoding a smile and a smirk, your virtual communication becomes critical.

As communication moves asynchronously, it is important to focus on written communication skills to increase readability of your messages.

How can I improve?

Learn your communication style, and considr ways you can flex to other styles. Start writing messages with a work context in mind. Record yourself on video calls and analyze ways to become more relaxed and engaging on camera.

How can I show this skill off?

From initial contact to final interview, you have many opportunities in the hiring process to stand out. Check that your written messages are concise. Share the most important information, and set clear expectations on next steps. Be authentic during video interviews and let your personality shine through!


Balancing work and kids, pets, and time zones can be a challenge for remote workers. Without the commute to break up the workday it is easy to let work expand into more hours of your day. An effective remote worker is an efficient remote worker. By prioritizing productivity over hours in front of a screen you can accomplish your goals with more time back in your week.

How can I improve?

Create a time management diary. List your top priorities, and all other tasks and meetings. Analyze your estimated time to complete, and your actual time to complete. Over time (pun intended) you will begin to see what traps you are falling victim to. From there, you can plan a schedule to complete your most important and urgent activities first.

How can I show this skill off?

When emailing with Hiring teams share your availability and time zone. Communicate expected turnaround time for your responses. Share examples of work you have completed with dispersed teams. During interviews discuss your approach to scheduling in focus time, meetings, etc.
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