5 future e-commerce Trends In India (that you need to be aware of )

In 1995, the first item ever sold online on Amazon was a book and 20 years later, the eCommerce industry is now over 2 trillion US dollars in sales.

#Ecommerce has evolved a lot. Its a necessity today and 5 years from now it will be one of the biggest industry.

In this video, I am sharing 5 future eCommerce trends which will help you stay ahead of the competition. No matter how big or small your store is right now if you don’t keep yourself updated on the upcoming trends then you risk the success of your store.

To take your eCommerce business to the next level in 2020, make sure to take advantage of these emerging trends in the eCommerce industry.

Here what I am discussing on the video
1. online sales growth will be 4.5 trillion by 2021
2. The future of eCommerce after #COVID
3. #Mobile shopping is growing day by day
4. Rise of #Voice commerce
5. Role of #socialmedia in eCommerce

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