5 easy steps to making money online with Amazon drop shipping

There are different ways and platforms to make money online. One of them that has been gaining popularity recently is drop shipping through Amazon. Many people make thousands of dollars doing this business.

Drop shipping has its advantages over the traditional online shop where you have to store and ship the goods in your shop when you receive an order.

Here are 5 easy steps to get started once you’ve settled on a drop shipping business.

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1. Open an Amazon account as a seller.

The most important step when starting the drop shipping business is to open an account with Amazon as a seller. There are two types of accounts that you can open: professional and individual accounts. If you are starting out and are not sure about selling 40+ products per month, it is recommended that you go for the single account. However, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of any account you choose.

Here are pros and cons to help you decide which account to sign up for:

For single account:

    You may not use any third party services such as Repricers and Inventory Lab. You are not qualified to list your product in the purchase box. You cannot request to have your product listed in restricted categories from Amazon stores. There is a $ 0.99 fee per item sold.

For a professional account:

    Using a spreadsheet, you can upload different items at once using the Seller Center. You have access to further reports on the seller board. You are qualified to list your product in the purchase box. You can request to have your products listed in restricted categories. You pay a monthly fee of $ 40 plus the fee of $ 0.99 per item sold. You can create new product pages for your products.

It is important to note that you can update your account at any time.

2. Find the best low-cost drop ship suppliers.

Most drop shippers make good profits with the best platform – Salehoo – trying to find perfect drop shippers for the products they want to sell.

First, log into a paid Salehoo account to take advantage of the best tools and features. Look for drop shippers in your area who can ship faster with lower shipping costs.

Using this platform is advisable as most providers do not have a budget for social media marketing but instead transfer the marketing costs to lowering the product costs. Hence, they would rather subscribe to Salehoo than google marketing.

Additionally, suppliers will have to put more effort into being successful with PPC marketing, so they will prefer a dedicated platform for it.

3. Look for inexpensive, but high-selling products.

When you find a supplier who meets your specifications, search their catalog for items that aren’t expensive but also sell very well. Make sure the price difference between what is being offered for this item on Amazon and what the supplier is selling is significant enough to bring you a profit.

Even if you choose to go with sellers outside of the Salehoo platform, the most important thing is that the profit is enough to cover the cost of time and money.

4. Write detailed and search engine optimized titles and descriptions on Amazon.

After you are done with your products, list them on your Amazon store. Make sure to write SEO product descriptions so that your products rank high in Amazon search results.

5. Start marketing your products using another digital marketing system.

You can outsource marketing to freelancers on platforms like Fiverr.

Trust me, drop shipping isn’t as hard as it seems. You just have to take one step!

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