$280.68 from 2 days of online English teaching


Just some evidence that good booking rates still exist in this industry.

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This was my weekend on itutor. $280.68 for two heavy days of teaching. The numbers on the far right are the total earnings for a class. $9.36 for 25 min classes. $13.25 for mostly 40 min classes and a couple 45’s.

If you’re a native English teacher who’s struggling to get students, itutor could be a solution. Is it going to be a solution for everyone? Nope. But it certainly is for many, and it doesn’t take much time to find out.

Non-referral link: https://join.itutorgroup.com/

Referral link: https://join.itutorgroup.com/#/?fromwhere=mgm&referralCode=D4KT

Some extra info:

Weekends are busier than weekdays. Not every day is like this for me.

iTutor requires a bachelor’s degree. To my knowledge, non natives are not currently being hired on itutor.

Teachers on iTutor are offered a wide range of pay, but most native English teachers will earn the same ~$18-20 per hour that I do, or something close to it.

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