24 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs of 2023 (Top Offers)

Love to look good? So do a lot of other people — which is why beauty affiliate programs are such a valuable opportunity.

According to one forecast, the global cosmetics industry will be worth an astonishing $758 billion by 2025.

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cosmetics market worldwide
Value of the cosmetics market worldwide from 2018 to 2025

The US is comfortably the world’s biggest market for beauty products, with the average American household shelling out over $182 a year on cosmetics, perfume, and bath preparation products.

Research from Advanced Dermatology revealed hair care is the most popular product category, followed closely by skin care, shaving products, lotions, and haircuts:

us money spent in beauty industry

A wide range of products, a captive audience, and vast sums of money being spent? No wonder…

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