$2,083 Passive Income Case Study

$2,083 from one email campaign.

These results are nowhere near “guru-level”, but I’m pretty happy and figured I’d share the strategy with you too.

I’ve been using my vlog to build an email list for a while, but it works for:

Clickbank Promo Tools

* Bloggers
* Affiliate marketers
* E-comm stores

I’ve done my best to simplify this, but ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘easy’.

Now, while anyone can do this, the campaign does need a bit of planning in advance and the number of variables is crazy.

I’ve broken the campaign down into 3 stages.

There are 3 stages:

* Pre-launch
* Open cart
* Close cart

Prelaunch…. that’s all about preparing your list and getting them ready to buy.

Nobody wants to be sold to, so we gotta warm them up a bit first. I send them case study reports a couple of weeks before launch, so they can see the benefits.

Then I countdown to the launch date, one email each day reminding them the product is going on sale.

Open cart… you let them know the product is available. Because anticipation and excitement is high, you’ll start seeing sales within minutes of emailing.

You can keep this stage going for as long as you like, but in my experience your sales will diminish over time….


Close Cart… this is where you tell them you’re removing the offer.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you won’t be able to remove the offer entirely, so you could remove special bonuses instead.

The point is, the offer needs to change in some way so it creates a sense of urgency.

This is when you’ll typically make A LOT of sales.

Now, while only one promotional email is responsible for my revenue, it’s built on several pre-launch ones.

And that’s the strategy in a nutshell.

But how does this become passive?

You can automate the entire campaign in an email sequence as part of a funnel.

That’s what I’m going to do next, because I know it converts.

I’ll also do a follow-up video showing the results of the campaign once I’ve completed the Open and Close Cart stages if you like.

And if you can’t be bothered reading this post, I’ve made a video version instead (no ads) let me know if you want it.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Edit: I will put a link to the vid in the comments because so many are asking for it.

Edit 2: links aren’t allowed so I’ve posted the vid on my profile.

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