2022 Year in Review: $1,069 Earned

This year I decided to write a recap post overviewing how much I earned and all the sources. These earnings spanned across multiple platforms like surveys on RewardXP, receipt apps, and others, totaling to more than $1,000 in 2022. I’m hoping that this inspires others and provides some ideas as we head into the new year!

At the same time, I decided to finally start writing about my beer money/passive income journey on my own dedicated site. The plan is to update this throughout 2023 with the strategies that have helped me save while in grad school. I’ve been in this game for a few years and it’s time to share some of knowledge with others.

So with all that said, here’s my 2022 recap post: [https://thriftygraduate.com/posts/2022-year-in-review](https://thriftygraduate.com/posts/2022-year-in-review)

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Cheers all! Looking forward to 2023!

*Mods please let me know if this post isn’t allowed – I’ve tried messaging asking why my past attempt was deleted!

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