#20 Trending products that will be bestseller in 2021

I am obsessed with trends (not surprisingly!). So I thought that with the ending of 2020 drawing closer, which we can all agree needs to get in the bin, a good idea would be to instead focus on the near future and the products that are really going to be making moves in 2021. 

There are always lists like these, but our unique AI-leveraged platform drills down into the raw data to find what products are exploding right now and what exactly will be a prominent feature in E-Commerce this coming year. The advantage of seeing Trends happening before they go mainstream in *‘realtime’* is that you can become a hyper-responsive e-commerce seller, marketer or drop seller – meeting consumer demands as they happen and adapting your focus to ensure optimal returns.

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So, here’s a list of the trending products you want to be selling in 2021. Why don’t you pick out one that really excites you, check out TrendLab.io and delve a little deeper!

#1: Seamless clothes
#2: Long Sleeve Crop Top
#3: Athleisure
#4: Boyfriend hoodie
#5: Air fryer
#6: Ionic hairdryer
#7: Rugs
#8: Minimalist wallets
#9: Pulse Oximeter
#10: Blue light blocking glasses
#11: Acne Patches
#12: Massage Gun
#13: Avocado Oil
#14: Hard Kombucha
#15: True Wireless Earphones
#16: Portable Solar Panel
#17: Jigsaw Puzzle
#18: Beauty Fridge
#19: Chessboard
#20: HIIT Equipment

Which of the mentioned Trending products will you go for in 2021? Please, drop your thoughts, ideas, or products in the comments below.

Original Post: [https://blog.trendlab.io/posts/20-trending-products-we-predict-to-sell-in-2021-pt1](https://blog.trendlab.io/posts/20-trending-products-we-predict-to-sell-in-2021-pt1)

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