20 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2023 (Top Offers)

SaaS affiliate programs are some of the biggest earners out there right now. Put simply, SaaS is a business model where you pay a monthly subscription for access to a piece of software that’s typically stored in the cloud.

That’s why it’s referred to as Software-As-A–Service.

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And the SaaS industry is a real growth market, with predicted global revenues of US$623 billion within the next 3 – 5 years.

SaaS still only accounts for 15% of total market share right now, meaning the only way is up.

Experience shows us that it’s far easier to make money online in markets with upward growth.

This is why we were able to generate income results like this through our favorite software affiliate programs:

Affiliate Earnings

This is to show you what’s…

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