18 Best Health Affiliate Programs in 2022

You only get one body.

Well, unless you know something we don’t.

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So it makes perfect sense that people are willing to spend large amounts of money to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

And this is why the global health and wellness industry is currently worth an estimated US$4.4 trillion.

global wellness economy

That’s a whole pile of moolah, and that means there’s potential for affiliate marketers to make bank here.

The trick is figuring out which health affiliate programs to promote.

Or you could ask us nicely to do the niche research for you.

Oh, go on then — you know we enjoy this affiliate marketing stuff.

Health Affiliate Programs

  1. Smart Nora
  2. Physicians Choice
  3. The Lost Book of Remedies
  4. Fitbit
  5. Tyent Water Ionizers
  6. Just Thrive…

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