16 years old, UK, willing to do work and grind to earn about £70 per month.

Title. I’ve been on and off different sites for the past year and a bit and recently found this sub and similar ones. I’ve used a lot of different survey sites but I just can’t be bothered doing surveys everyday for a month and barely earning anything for the time I put into it.

I’ve signed up for sites like Prolific and Qmee and I can’t use either since I need ID verification for Prolific and I need a verified Paypal account for Qmee; neither of which I have.

Anyway, any information anyone can give me that might help me in getting between £35-70 per month consistently would be great.

Clickbank Promo Tools

I’m not interested in doing surveys UNLESS they are worth doing (ie good pay). I’m also not interested in Swagbucks.

Currently I use Rev daily so I have a good amount of experience with captioning (consist 5/5/5 metrics) and Slicethepie. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

I should also note the sites shouldn’t need ID verification (phone and email are fine) and payment should be Paypal (unverified account).

I know this is a lot but if anyone can help me out I’ll pay it forward in some way, and not to mention how grateful I will be. Thank you!!

(Feel free to ask any questions I’m happy to answer)

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