150$ profit with FLIPPING HotWheels Series 2 NFT packs / Easy nft beginners guide for nft profit

In this video we share our thought process that helped us invest in 12 HotWheels NFT packs 312$, while making 150$ profit (easy nft beginners guide).

Step 1. Hot Wheels NFTs Series 1 analysis + 01:00
Step 2. Parameters for Series 2 + 02:15
Step 3. Buy and Flip Hot Wheels NFTs Series 2

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What is the point in having money, if you don’t have A LOT 🙂
The Bullmarket makes you money, the Bearmarket makes you RICH.

You have a choice: making money and change your life or live to tell your friends, parents and grandchildren that you had millions of $ in assets and you didn’t withdrew anything!?

Step 2. If objective parameters ok, then invest
Step 3. Diversify

!! DISCLAIMER !! We are not financial advisers. The videos presented on this channel are strictly informative. They just represent our good and bad investments. Before investing in the crypto business, ALWAYS do your own due dilligence and NEVER invest more money than you can afford losing.

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