14 Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs (Top PPL Offers 2022))

And now it’s time to cover pay per lead (PPL) affiliate programs. These offers are a sub category of CPA (Cost Per Action) that rewards the affiliate for generating a lead for the advertising company.

But we’re not going to do what everyone else does with their roundups.

Clickbank Promo Tools

Which means we won’t spam you with a string of financial affiliate programs.

Instead, we’re going to show you just how many niches you can find really profitable pay per lead programs in.

Because we know a thing or two about finding profitable niches… as you can see.

Affiliate Earnings

So while other affiliates are nickel and diming it with $5 affiliate commissions, pay per lead programs can be worth anywhere up to $200 per sale.

Sometimes more.

You just need to know the best…

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