12 Best Candle Affiliate Programs in [currentyear]

Candle affiliate programs are lighting up the affiliate marketing world right now.

The global candle industry is expected to be worth almost $10 billion by 2028, up from just about $7 billion in 2021.

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That’s a compound annual growth rate of 6.5%, with much of that upturn driven by demand for premium soy candles.

Google Trends data shows they’re in hot demand during the festive period:

candles search trend

But plenty of people make decent money in the candle niche all year round.

So we decided to put together a roundup of our favorite candle affiliate programs.

We hope you find it illuminating (pun intended).

Candle Affiliate Programs

  1. Spoken Flames
  2. Frères Branchiaux
  3. Otherland
  4. Ellis Brooklyn
  5. DS &…

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