11 Best Pay-Per-Free Trial Affiliate Programs In 2023

Pay-per-free trial affiliate programs offer a refreshing twist on traditional affiliate marketing. Instead of convincing your audience to spend their hard-earned cash for a product or service, youโ€™re encouraging them to take that product for a spin โ€” without paying a cent.

Sounds like money for nothing, right?

Of course, the advertisers running these programs are no fools. As FirstPageSage points out, conversion rates from free trials to paid subscriptions range from 17.4% โ€“ 51%, depending on traffic source and trial type:

trial to paid subscription

In other words, one-sixth to one-half of free trialists will become paying customers.ย 

In essence, the pay-per-free trial model is a clever spin on the pay-per-lead affiliate approach. No wonder big names…

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