11 Best Computer Affiliate Programs in 2022 (Top Offers)

Computer affiliate programs are one of the best ways to turn your technical know-how into cold, hard cash.

As you likely know, computers are high-ticket items, so there’s a lot of money to be made promoting computers. The industry is expected to grow from $145.73 billion in 2020 to $224.3 billion in 2025. In the US, around 20 million PCs are shipped every quarter.

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Gaming is one of the biggest drivers of computer sales. According to the ESA, two-thirds of Americans play video games regularly, with the average video gamer aged 33. More than two-fifths of gamers play on PC.

players habits and preferences

Of course, computer hardware isn’t just for gaming. Three-fifths of Americans have the opportunity to work from home at least once a week,…

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