100% passive income once effort has been put in?

I’ve been struggling for so long to find something that fits right with me and that I can make money easily and still be able to do the things I love. However I also have a problem, I need to make enough money in case I need to go back to the hospital because if I get Hodgkin’s lymphoma again then I won’t be able to have the state pay for it because I’ll be “making my own money” and I would need to pay my bills and I just don’t know how it all works out because I was never taught anything and it’s so infuriating getting sent to the same twenty different videos of ‘Make $1,000 a day!’ And none of them ever work or I can’t get started because I don’t have a bank account yet and my parents haven’t taught me anything about being able to make a bank account or sustaining income. I’d really prefer methods of passive income if anyone has ideas. Please, I need ideas that if I put work into they’ll actually work, I’m so desperate to actually start making money because I do nothing else in my life that’s worth it at this point, I just want to live a happy life and having money to actually do things would be amazing.

I apologize for misunderstandings if they happen, if you have a question I’ll gladly answer when I can.

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