10 Best Tea Affiliate Programs In 2022 (Top Offers)

Coca-Cola, beer, and coffee are all popular, but tea is the world’s favorite drink (excluding water). So if you’re looking to promote products with truly global appeal, tea affiliate programs are hard to beat.

The tea market is already huge. And it’s growing fast, with revenue predicted to reach $267 billion in 2025.

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By that year, global tea consumption is expected to hit 7.4 billion kilograms. Given that 1 kg represents about 500 “cup equivalents,” that means we’ll drink 3.7 trillion cups of tea in 2025 🤯

Statistically speaking, Turkey, Ireland, and the UK are the world’s biggest tea lovers, with the US lagging at #35. But the American audience is waking up to the joys of a nice cup of rosy lee; revenue…

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