10+ Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs in 2022

While everyone else is running around setting up the next “pet food” niche site, we have something different to share with you.

The pet insurance niche.

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Is it a growth market?

Pet Insurance Niche Trend


And the demand for pet insurance is set to double within the next 5 years.

This will result in an industry worth at least US$10 billion.

We don’t want to boast (okay…maybe a little) but finding a niche with growth and ongoing demand is how we earned money like this:

Affiliate Earnings

And a key part of that process is finding some really good programs to promote.

So, wanting to be as helpful as possible, we went and did some in-depth research for you in this niche.

Here are the 10 best pet insurance affiliate programs we found.

I was genuinely shocked to see how much…

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